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Best-Selling Author ~ Air Force Veteran ~ Keynote Speaker, Live or Virtual


Looking to inspire and motivate your nonprofit? Look no further.


Elise Woodworth is a dynamic and engaging motivational speaker dedicated to igniting passion in tomorrow's leaders and inspiring today's. With a focus on helping nonprofits and their boards overcome obstacles, Elise's mission is to help organizations engage more volunteers, retain talented staff, and attract donors. Her passion and enthusiasm for leadership development and team building has made her a powerful force in shaping the future of the nonprofit industry.

Book Elise Woodworth today and elevate your team's potential for success.

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About Elise

Elise Woodworth is the president of Woodworth Enterprises and dedicated to empowering nonprofits and their boards. Leveraging her background as a former US Air Force Logistics Officer, Elise combines military experience with business acumen to propel organizations toward success. As a best-selling author of "Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards," she's transformed numerous nonprofits with her expertise in leadership, governance, and team building.

Elise's impact extends beyond her daily work. Serving on the Virginia Military Institute’s Foundation’s Board of Trustees and volunteering with various organizations, she exemplifies her commitment to service and excellence. Her MBA from Capella University and Bachelor of Science in Biology from VMI underpin her strategic approach to nonprofit management.


A dynamic speaker, Elise captivates audiences with insights that ignite tomorrow's leaders while drawing from her experiences as a mother of five and former military spouse. Her speaking engagements offer practical advice, shaped by her diverse interests including homeschooling and bird watching. Join Elise on a journey to unlock your organization's full potential and shape a brighter future.

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Elise's Talks

Business Not Battle for
Nonprofit's and Their Boards

Nonprofits need advocates, who focus their efforts on making decisions, attracting resources, and advancing the mission. Unfortunately, nonprofits often get stuck in battle. Stress, frustration, and prolonged conflict lead passionate people to disengage and disperse.

During this session, we will…


  • Learn the how to identify common battles nonprofits face that hinder success

  • Discover easy to implement strategies for creating mission focus

  • Learn how to use advocacy for their nonprofit to build momentum

  • Walk away with 4 thoughtful questions to ignite positive change

  • Jump start change to create a mini culture shift


Mission Focused Mindset:
Engaging Volunteers, Donors, and Staff 

Answering the call for more engaged volunteers, more enthusiastic donors, and more committed staff is within the reach of any inspired nonprofit. Getting there is a journey. 


We’ll start building a story with inspiration, the fuel behind a mission, and follow it all the way to Mission Success!

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Build A Better Team: Workshop
Boost Engagement, improve communication, and ignite innovative thinking!

Designed to increase the effectiveness of your team by teaching the fundamentals of the Business Not Battle Mindset. Each participant will receive a copy of the Business Not Battle for Nonprofit Boards book and a workbook tailored to the group.

We help nonprofit boards build more effective board members so they can better support and govern their organizations. We help non-profit organizations leverage resources and increase impact though an innovative process we developed, called the Ignite Model.

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“Our NCL Chapter Board of Directors hosted a multi chapter leadership event for neighboring Chapter Boards of Directors at which Elise presented a three-hour workshop for women in various board roles, who all had different levels of experience. Through her interactive and engaging presentation style, we learned more about ourselves and about our “why”s. … We now look forward to creating and sustaining an environment in which our members will be excited to step into and learn leadership roles during their time in NCL. Thank you, Elise!”

Beth L.

Mary L.

“Elise Woodworth has a passion for helping board members embrace the mindset of "business not battle". She works with the members on a Board to identify how they, individually and as a team, can further the vision of the non-profit / business.”

Steve K.

“The insight of understanding the purpose and the true mission of the non-profit you are committed to helping will move you from the feeling of constant struggle in your board position to a true sense of empowerment. Elise is THE expert you have been looking for to transform your non-profit board from squandering to thriving, from squabbling to unity.”


"Elise expresses everything I have ever thought about and wondered in my experience on non-profit boards. Elise's wisdom will definitely help our board be effective and mission focused this year." 
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